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Extinction Alien Invasion is an arcade shooter with elements of RPG, inspired by games like: Dead nation, Shadowgrounds, Alien Breed and Alien Swarm. In the game you will control a mercenary at the beginning of an alien invasion doing everything to protect the human race. 

Annihilate waves of aliens, build your base, improve your mercenary, do it all with a sound track bathed in rock.

Key Features: 

-> Two game modes

-> Cooperative gameplay for two players.

-> Joystick support.

-> Dynamic combat system

->Several skills for you to play in your own way. 

->Over 50 weapons to collect.

-> Are you finding the game easy?! How about customizing your difficulty?!With mods system is possible, change enemies' damage, health, attack properties, speed and more. 

->Various types of enemies.

->Several items to build during the horde mode.

->Soundtrack bathed to much rock.

How to play keyboard + mouse  :

w.a,s,d -> move your character

right mouse -> aim

left mouse -> shoot

r -> reload weapon

t/ mouse scroll -> change weapon

g -> throw grenade

e -> interact with objects

f-> turn flashlight

left shift -> run

space -> roll

How to play xbox controller  :

left analog -> move your character

LT + right analog -> aim

RT-> shoot

X -> reload

Y -> change weapon

RB -> throw grenade

A -> interact with objects

R3 -> turn flashlight

LB -> run

B -> roll


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Made another video


Made a video


dude, great video. I was laughing a lot on the goliath part. I loved your video, serious. I am very happy that you guys seems to like it. 


Hm, feels to me like that what I'm earning out of the fights dying in wave 2 again and again is not what gives me much progress. I think the rewards should be bigger, especially when the game starts. Why would I want to die in the same wave again and again? :)

Apart from that, the graphics, sounds and atmosphere are great.

Good job!


Thanks for the feedback <3

I'll try to make the rewards in the horde better in next update.


Wow! Guys, I really loved your game! the gameplay is amazing, and the graphics are also fire! that fact that you can unlock a big amount a weapons and skills is also a really good point! Keep it up! 

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So, I'm in kind of a weird spot on this one. The tutorial is amazing, the mechanics, movement, pacing, lighting, and combat all work wonders in that dungeon crawl format, but it felt like they kinda fell apart in the point defense mode. I'm not sure which will be the focus of the main game, but I felt the scifi dungeon crawling was by far the strongest use of the current mechanics.


Dude, great video. I am very happy to see people playing the game. I laughed a lot in the part that you were facing the boss of the tutorial kkkkkkk.

I will try to launch this week a new version of the demo with two missions with gameplay similar to the tutorial.

The stamina management was perfect against the tutorial boss, and a bit of trial by fire to learn the mechanics too. Definitely one of the stand out moments in the demo :)

Hey there, during file extraction I get this error, then on launch I see the start screen with no menu buttons. I can still hear and click them, but can't see what I'm clicking.

    C:\Users\User\Downloads\EXTINCTION ALIEN INVASION DEMO.rar: Checksum error in EXTINCTION ALIEN INVASION DEMO_Data\sharedassets0.assets.resS. The file is corrupt

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, i recently updated the game version, this problem has been fixed.